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Legendary Design - Classic Sound

Nearly 50 years of providing large format consoles and high performance software products with a classic build and distinctive sound. Our mixing technology has been used across many of the world's greatest albums and chart-topping hits, and helped define the sound tracks for the biggest blockbuster films. And now with new innovative software and hardware products that stays true to our mixing roots and heritage, we are building production tools that willl inspire a new generation.

Audio mixing, creation & processing solutions

Save more than 77% on the Legacy EQ plug-in

Legacy EQ now ONLY $19.99 (Usually $89.99) for ONE WEEK ONLY.

The Legacy EQ lets you shape your mix with smooth and precise control: each band has a limited and carefully chosen range that matches the original analog knob, and the Q factor is optimized to give you the best results for each frequency. Whether you need to add some sparkle, warmth, punch, or clarity to your tracks, the Legacy EQ will help you achieve professional sound quality with ease.

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